She’s Gone Again – Lyrics

I know before I reach the door
of our apartment, second floor
A fever startin’ in my head
tells me I’ll find an empty bed
She’s gone again!!!

Lovin’ her was such a breeze
Losin’ her ain’t gettin’ easier
than any time before
I know just what I got in store,
She’s gone again!!!

Damned if she ain’t gone again! Broke the chain!
Pulled the switch and stopped the train! I must complain!

‘Cause dammit girl, we had a deal
What makes you think our love ain’t real
And who the hell gave you the right
to split from me in the dead of night
I’m lonely now!!!

I did my share of give and take
It ain’t so easy on the make
I find it hard to see why she
would choose the rain instead of me
She’s off again!!!

Damned if she ain’t gone again! Burnt the rope!
If sailor’s knots and locks don’t work, there ain’t no hope.

But one thing that she didn’t know
I had definite plans to let her go
on her ninety-seventh birthday
But I guess she didn’t want to stay
And left again.

I guess she didn’t want to play..
She’s gone again!!!
Cooked her last turkey!
Poured her last beer!
Made her last bed!

And dried her last tear!!!