Seagrass – Lyrics

Where the seagrass lay on the way to the Cod
I saw an old skeleton praying to God

Watch over Vera, she’s all that I had
She and the dog down in old Port du Grave

On the seagrass darling, on the seagrass
I think of you often down on the seagrass..

Wonderful funny how time has gone by
since Vera came running with tears in her eye:
‘Don’t go, dearest Martin! Don’t leave me,’ cried she
‘I’ll make ye fine sons, if ye’ll bide home with me.’

But I can’t Dearest Vera, for on the seagrass,
You’re only a whisper down on the seagrass.

Here have I sunken, and here will I stay
where the Skinners and Crawleys and Houlihans play,
I’ll do all, dearest Vera, your dear heart doth ask
but my brothers are calling down on the seagrass.

On the seagrass, darling, on the seagrass
I’m at peace ever after, down on the seagrass.

Don’t think of me heartless, don’t think of me cruel
but I’ve oft dearly wanted to play me the fool.
Have over a sweetheart, have one, two, or three
I’ll adore ye no less if I’d bid home with ye..

For I promise ye darling, down on the seagrass
I’ll toast to your children, down on the seagrass..

But now and again as the fish float on by
I’ll sit down and have me a bloody good cry
and still will remember, will hear our sweet song
down on the seagrass where we sailors belong..

On the seagrass darling, on the seagrass..
We’ll sing the song nightly, down on the seagrass!..