Peter Easton – Lyrics

Only I and I was born
to sail the boat below me
Blow ye winds to Carbonear
where gentle ladies know me
Constant are their loving ways
where hearts of mine are dwelling
and riches far beyond your dreams
in eyes that are not telling.

Peter Easton is the name they gave to me
Jolly Peter Easton who sails the Barnaby
If any man thinks he can take the eastern seas from me
Say the Devil and Peter Easton are the very men to see.

They’ll tell you only three men
saw the colour of my eyes
And all but one, a Parson’s son
are sailing in the sky
I live in shadows where
the Devil’s very own are growing
and no man knows from whence I come
nor knows where I am going

Peter Easton etc.

Only I and I will know
the hour I come a-stealing
Blown to ye on hellish winds
that sound like dead men wailing
I’ll seek and find ye everyone
when least I am expected
And honest men will know
when Pater Easton’s resurrected.