Desperate Thing – Lyrics

It’s a desperate thing without a name
It’s not a dream and it ain’t no game
Could be bad, could be good,
it can’t be seen, but it’s understood
A desperate thing has taken flight
Don’t come out of your house tonight
‘Cause it ain’t fussy, it got no qualms
It got nothing but perfume on
It just wants in to sit a bit
It feels no pain, and it don’t bleed
Call it fate if it’s fate you need
It’s a desperate thing, no reason nor rhyme
Could’ve been dead for a long long time
One thing certain and it’s a fact
If you kiss it, it’ll kiss you back
It’s a desperate thing movin’ through town
And hittin’ on everyone around
It don’t much care who it cottens to
So don’t come out or it’ll be you
No sense closin’ windows and doors
If it wants you, like I said before
It’s a desperate thing that comes and begs
This thing got no arms or legs
It’s got this habit, it won’t give in
When it’s got you, it’ll start again
It don’t much care if you’re old or young
There ain’t a song it hasn’t sung
It’s a desperate thing, bit like a witch
snaggin’ the poor, snaggin’ the rich
A desperate thing is out tonight
If you can’t sleep it’ll be all right
‘Cause it’s got something twice as good
Maybe you shouldn’t, maybe you should.
Don’t ask me ‘cause I’ve been bad
The desperate thing took all I had
There’s no more anything in my tank
and the desperate thing is the one to thank
Maybe you shouldn’t, maybe you should
Don’t ask me. She got me good.