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Upalong – Lyrics

Boy of fiction, future wise I can’t see tomorrow in your eyes Got no more rights, got no more say So maybe you should think of movin’ on today. Where’s your glory, where’s your gold Truth is you’ve been runnin’ hot and cold No one’s askin’ you to stay So it looks like you’d be

She’s Gone Again – Lyrics

I know before I reach the door of our apartment, second floor A fever startin’ in my head tells me I’ll find an empty bed She’s gone again!!! Lovin’ her was such a breeze Losin’ her ain’t gettin’ easier than any time before I know just what I got in store, She’s gone again!!! Damned

Desperate Thing – Lyrics

It’s a desperate thing without a name It’s not a dream and it ain’t no game Could be bad, could be good, it can’t be seen, but it’s understood A desperate thing has taken flight Don’t come out of your house tonight ‘Cause it ain’t fussy, it got no qualms It got nothing but perfume

Peter Easton – Lyrics

Only I and I was born to sail the boat below me Blow ye winds to Carbonear where gentle ladies know me Constant are their loving ways where hearts of mine are dwelling and riches far beyond your dreams in eyes that are not telling. Peter Easton is the name they gave to me

Let Go – Lyrics

Let go music so I can sleep Let go And let go beauty of the loving kind I had held so dear at another time Let go. Let go voices I knew so well Let go And let go fame that was so fleeting too And the sweet sweet pain of loving you Let go

Easy Ridge – Lyrics

I spent a day on Easy Ridge Not nearly long enough for me and with myself, i waited for the light i used to know so i could see. I need no rock to rest upon I need not be at home on time No need to sing my distant song in any other tune

Old Part Of Town – Lyrics

Take me to the old part of town And lay me down I’ve seen what I wanted to see I’ve been around I can’t see the sun where I am Did they take it down? I hear they’re singin’ all night long In the old part of town. I know a road was here somewhere

Night Light – Lyrics

Night light Lonesome night light Ask the night light what I do Pink or Blue or white light Ask the night light to tell you How they passed each other on the stairs Some in a daze and some ashamed Love in shambles, love in tears Some even glad they came. Ten rings Mostly cheap

Seagrass – Lyrics

Where the seagrass lay on the way to the Cod I saw an old skeleton praying to God Watch over Vera, she’s all that I had She and the dog down in old Port du Grave On the seagrass darling, on the seagrass I think of you often down on the seagrass.. Wonderful funny how

Shadows In The Sun – Lyrics

They have left us their tomorrows Bore their pain and drowned their sorrow Piled up legends everyone And left their shadows in the sun Surnames few but Christian many Shining boys and girls were plenty Strong and weak and old and young Left their shadows in the sun. Were they here or were they never